How to add TailwindCSS in SvelteKit

I am sharing my setup that uses SvelteKit with TailwindCSS. This blog post is going to be extremely short – as the setup is very straightforward! Installation First start by creating a SvelteKit app Obviously, replace ‘my-app’ with name of your app. We are going to use npm package svelte-add to create configuration needed for […]

How to build a Simple Form using LowCode tool – AppSmith

Table of contents Introduction Build a Web Form using AppSmith Define Connections with DataSources Save Form Data in Google SpreadSheet Row Send notification email using SendGrid Complete onClick Action for Submit Button Deploy and Embed in Your WebSite Conclusion Introduction: The LowCode revolution wave is hitting the web development world. Going forward, I predict that […]

How to Print Terminal Messages in Colors using Chalk NPM

Chalk NPM Javascript Package

We need to display messages on the terminal for server applications. Reading terminal messages while scanning for important messages is hard for the user. That is where NPM module Chalk comes into play. Chalk adds color to terminal messages making them easier to read. What is Chalk NPM Package? Chalk is a NPM package used […]