Why building modern web applications are so darn complex?

Building a modern web application is becoming more and more complex. A few years ago, a website owner could simply edit an HTML file and upload the file to a web server. Those days are gone. Want to know why? Read on.. To understand the ‘why,’ we need to understand the history behind web apps. […]

Why ‘Think Outside the Box’ is bad advice.

Common advice dispersed to a techie is ‘Think Outside the Box’. The internet is filled with stories of successful people who allegedly owed their success to ‘thinking outside the box’. For a while, I believed in that philosophy. I soon realized that these stories are fantasies. Everybody loves a good underdog story and ‘thinking outside the box’ […]

How-to choose the right backend for your Web App in 2021?

Building a web application in 2021 is difficult – not because it is a rocket science,  but because there are so many options to choose from.  My favorite ice cream chain Baskin Robin had once tried to stick with only 31 flavors of ice cream, but they had to invent new flavor every month to […]