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Use LLMs such as OpenAI to build your AI Powered applications.

OpenAI Wrappers

We specializes in developing sophisticated AI applications that serve as intuitive wrappers for OpenAI's advanced models.

Full Stack Solution

We deliver comprehensive full stack solutions that fuse beautiful, responsive front-ends with robust, reliable back-ends.

What We Do

Our team of talented web developers helps you go from ideas to MVP.

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Your unique product idea.

Your product vision.

Your domain expertise.

Our solution

We build your product.

We execute your vision.

We make your expertise shine.


Grow together

We support your product.

We suggest growth channels.

We handle issues.


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Meet the Founder

I am Meera Datey, a Technical & Product Leader and a hands-on product developer with a deep passion for building and shipping SaaS products. Over the years, I have honed my skills  as a web developer, becoming proficient in delivering solutions that meet and exceed the client requirements.

Past few months, I have helped numerous Startups launch their ChatGPT wrapper. 

This was Me and Meera Datey, the amazing developer behind the app, getting creative with the tool, right before the launch!

-Aditi Chaturvedi, Founder Neverjobless.com Tweet

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